Make us your home away from home.

Even if you have a favorite coffee shop or a home office, you can still take advantage of all Nonprofit Hub has to offer. Simply stop by when you need it or need to host an event.



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All of this for just $250 per year.



• Unlimited access to fully-loaded meeting rooms during business hours. 

• All the coffee your heart desires.

• High-speed internet.

• Unlimited use of one Day Desk for in-between meeting drop-ins.

• Make new nonprofit friends and see some familiar faces.

• Interact with nonprofit professionals and educators.


From our experience, a lot of nonprofits may have a location or a place to work on a day-to-day basis, but lack adequate space for meetings and conferences, or just want to get away for a couple hours per week. When your typical place of work gets too distracting, you just need a change of pace, or if you're on the go in the downtown Lincoln and just need a quick place to get some work done, Nonprofit Hub is the place to go.

The Yearly Membership allows you access to the four meeting rooms and conference room for an unlimited amount of time during regular business hours and use of one of our day desks as often as you need. Not to mention, high-speed internet, a crew of awesome people to work around and all the coffee your heart rate can handle. 


If you're a nonprofit with fewer than four employees, check out a plan that's right for you.